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Our Vision

  • A watershed habitat which provides a sustainable quality of life to all its inhabitants, human, plant and animal.
  • Property owners who develop and maintain responsible stewardship roles, both individually and collectively.
  • A healthy watershed with a minimum of habitat fragmentation, wildlife disturbance, invasive non-native species, erosion, water flow blockage, siltation, and other contamination.

Our Goals

  • Register 150 Backyard Wildlife Habitats
  • Certify 2 parks as wildlife sanctuaries
  • Maintain 2 public demonstration gardens
  • Organize and train for volunteer activities
  • Maintain multiple wildlife corridors
  • Provide increased education and outreach to residents, property owners, developers, and real estate agents
  • Encourage Low Impact Development (LID) practices with the watershed
  • Collect water and wildlife data for an accurate, science-based portrait of our area