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News Items

New Sign Preparing the Gardens for Fencing NWF/Boeing-Funded Fence
News item Spring-2011: NWF/Boeing Funding and dedicated CVA volunteers help dress up the demonstration gardens at the Schoolyard Habitat at GH Cooperative Nursery School.

Adison checking his duck box
News item Spring-2010: Announcing a new stewardship publication, Attracting the Best of Pacific Northwest Wildlife to Crescent Lake.

After building and installing six Wood Duck nesting boxes at Crescent Lake, four Peninsula High School Seniors (including Adison shown above), produced a useful guide for Crescent Lake residents and others living in the watershed. Thanks to a Green Partnership and a Lu Winsor grant, CVA and Tahoma Audubon we were able to mentor these students and pay printing costs.

CVA hopes this booklet will encourage neighbors to observe and enjoy our native wildlife. Pick up your own free, full color booklet at the upcoming Chum Festival. This booklet is also available here as a 6.16 MB download. Consider becoming a Registered Wildlife Habitat landowner.

Wildlife Stewardship Award presentation
News item Fall-2009: CVA activities earn Pierce Conservation District Stewardship Award for 2009.

At the Pierce Conservation District’s annual meeting in February, Erin Ewald (at right in above photo) announced that Crescent Valley Alliance activities in 2009 merited special attention. On behalf of the organization, Joel and Lucinda Wingard accept the plaque.

Schoolyard Habitat
CVA activities in 2009 included multiple work parties to reclaim part of the hillside above Crescent Creek Park from the blackberries. The Schoolyard Habitat at GH Cooperative Nursery School is now open for visitors interested in learning the looks and growth patterns of local native plants. We’re also attempting to attract bats and swallows to the area to keep the the deer company. .

To circulate information on environmentally responsible practices, CVA hosted two educational events for members, sponsored an All-Crescent Valley Picnic in May, and staffed a booth at the Chum Festival in the fall.

CVA shares information and supports the activities of networking partners such as National Wildlife Federation, Pierce County Biodiversity Alliance, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, University of Washington NatureMapping, Tacoma Nature Center, Tahoma Audubon, Key Peninsula/Gig Harbor/Islands Watershed Council, Pierce Conservation District, Friends of Pierce County, Harbor Wildwatch, PenMet Parks, Arbor Day Foundation, and the City of Gig Harbor.

Chuck Meacham with Arobor Day Award
News item 05-26-08: The Crescent Valley Alliance was presented with "The Arbor Day Stewardship Award" by the Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula Arbor Day Foundation. CVA member, Chuck Meacham proudly shows the award to visitors of CVA's Crescent Creek Park event. (Photo courtesy Susan Schell - Peninsula Gateway Photographer)

Planting party at Paris property
News item 11-10-07: The Crescent Valley Alliance, in partnership with Friends of Pierce County, at work during the volunteer ivy iradication and replanting of the Paris property at Crescent Creek. (Photos courtesy of Lucinda Wingard)

Restoration crew at work Restoration crew at work Restoration crew
News item 11-03-07: The Crescent Valley Alliance, in partnership with Friends of Pierce County and the City of Gig Harbor, finalized the volunteer restoration of the embankment at Crescent Creek Park with the planting of several hundred native plants. Read letter from the City of Gig Harbor. (Photos courtesy of Terri Reed, City of Gig Harbor)

CVA Receives Org of the Year Award Organization of the Year Award
News item 05-31-07: The Crescent Valley Alliance was named "Organization of the Year" by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Jeff Koenings, Director WDFW, presented the award to some of the founding members of the Crescent Valley Alliance (L to R, John McMillan, Chuck Meacham, Mary Manning and Michelle Tirhi) in a ceremony held in Olympia, Washington. read more