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A Stewardship Project for residents, property owners and friends of Crescent Valley, Gig Harbor, Washington

Crescent Valley Alliance was formed by Gig Harbor and Crescent Valley residents in the fall of 2006 as a result of a wildlife survey by landowners, governmental and environmental agencies. This study confirmed that the Crescent Valley's Riparian System (Crescent Lake, Creek and Estuary), comprises one of the most pristine, biologically rich watersheds in Pierce County and worthy of protection.

A Crescent Valley Biodiversity Management Area (BMA) Stewardship Plan (4.51MB PDF) was written identifying potential threats to the quality of this environment and establishing measures to ensure its preservation.

The new boundary of the BMA area (1.91MB PDF) went into effect on May 2010.

A CVA brochure (1MB PDF) is available as a download.

League of Women Voters Biodiversity Conservation in Pierce County Land Use study and consensus. Click on Local Studies / Reports Biodiversity Conservation in Pierce County Land Use Study & Consensus Position (2011).

July 20, 2011 Gateway article written by Dana Kelley Bressette. This is an article about encouraging wildlife and re-creating habitat.

Crescent Valley Alliance is a community wide effort that depends on volunteers for a variety of activities. If you have an interest in participation in any of the CVA's various habitat enhancement projects, please contact us for more details.

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